Carronbridge Sawmill specialises in manufacturing and distributing fence posts, fence panels, pallets, battens and trellis throughout the UK.

The main products we manufacture are:

  • Feather edge boards
  • Waney edge boards
  • Pallets
  • Palletwood
  • Wooden Gates
  • Fence Posts and Rails
  • Larch Lap Panels
  • Trellis
  • Decking
  • Hardwood Logs / Kindlers
  • Wood Chips & Sawdust
  • Garden Sheds
  • Benches

Our site in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland has its own pressure treatment tank, which offers green treatment, so that our products are durable and eco-friendly.

We deliver artic loads daily throughout the UK and can offer mixed loads e.g. 6 packs of battons, 6 packs of waney boards, 6 packs of battens, etc.

The sawmill also runs two seven and half tonners to ensure we can meet the everyday needs of the local agricultural market in Dumfries and Galloway.

We also stock tornado wire and we keep a range of wire and round posts, fence panels for the local market slats, feather-edge, fencing battens, capping and some pallet wood on site.